An Impossible Tangle of Fishing Line

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A 44 page poetry chapbook. A collection of poems between ~2013-2017 about drowning while landlocked, a desire for the continual motion of the sea yet working against the current of society, and figuring out how to harness the healing power of water for yourself because you're worth it even if it doesn't feel like it.

Trigger warnings:

-While it's not about death, there are a LOT of references to death in the entire collection

-When You Tell references self harm and suicidal ideation

-The section which includes Birthrights to Special Snowflake all reference sexual threats, abuse. This is especially true of Trapped (descriptions of abuse, not necessarily sexual or committed by a romantic partner) and The Audacity of Being a Woman Online (very crude rape threats, sexist slurs)

-Still Water references Greek mythology in regards to rape but it is in passing and not described or anything of the sort

-Nautical Semantics mentions suicide (but it's a very happy poem about not giving up)

Licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license which means adaptions and remixes are extremely welcome as long as the words attributed to me and you're not making money off it!

  • pdf + epub editions

  • pdf + epub editions
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An Impossible Tangle of Fishing Line

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